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Kia of Newmarket is not liable or responsible for:
  • Conditions on trim, plastic, vinyl, leather, carpeting, window tint and exterior paint that compromise the quality and performance of our services (such as, upholstery tears, discolouration, etc.);
  • For unseen or hidden conditions that might be highlighted once any of our detailing services had been completed (such as, dings, dents, scratches, etc.);
  • For malfunction or breakage of any of the vehicle's mechanical/ electrical/electronic components (such as, convertible tops, sunroof assemblies, check engine light, overheating, breaks, etc.);
  • For malfunction of personal entertainment electronics while performing our services or once our services had been rendered (such as, DVD/CD, speakers, sub woofer, and custom video system, etc.);
  • For loose/broken/damaged parts during the car wash or detail process (such as, Plastic Windows, Plastic Trim Pieces, Antennas, Mirrors, Bug Guards, Loose Chromes, Spoilers, Convertible Tops, Wipers, etc.);
  • For jobs done without a work order;
  • For promises, guaranties or verbal agreements not declared in a written work order;
  • For valuables left in the car;
  • Nature incidents, acts of God or accidents caused by other humans;
  • For cars left overnight or after working hours (towing, theft, accidents).
If you have any particular concern, question or request, please let us know before we start working in your car. Check your car before we or you leave the premises.